Seamless garments are the best kept secret and are the most wonderful go to product during those periods in pregnancy and post birth when your body is experiencing rapid growth.

A woman’s breasts can increase up to 3 cups sizes in the early stages of pregnancy and post birth as her body learns to regulate its milk supply.  During this time her breasts will be tender and swollen.

As a result her normal cup sized wired bra will feel restrictive, uncomfortable and is likely to be too small as the fabrics are rigid and do not move freely with your changing body.

Seamless bras and tanks are the perfect choice during transitional periods as they will not only support, but will provide superior comfort and flexibility.

Features of a good Seamless bra

1. Stretch

Seamless bras are made from a knitted yarn. Unlike other cut and sew bras it is made from one large knitted seamless piece that will stretch freely in all directions without restriction.

2. Moulded Cups

A good quality seamless bra will be moulded which means it provides depth in the cup allowing your bust to sit separated rather than being squashed and compressed like they would be in an unmoulded seamless bra.

3. Expandable Hooks and Eyes

Multiple hooks and eyes on the back band allow you to increase or decrease the width of the back band as your rib cage expands and contracts.

4. Soft and Luxurious

Look for a seamless bra that is soft to touch.  Good quality European yarns are incredibly soft against the skin.   During transitional periods your body is often very sensitive and soft fabrications will nurture rather than irritate.

5. Quality

Whilst it is often temping to purchase a cheaper garment the price is often reflective of the quality you are buying.  A good quality seamless bra is likely to be more durable and will retain its shape and support after multiple washes and wears.

6. Construction

Look for a seamless bra that has a double layer of fabric.  The double layer of fabric will provide a more secure fit giving you better support and lift.

7. Sizing

Lastly one of the greatest benefits of a seamless bra is that it comes in 4 easy sizes S-XL. The seamless bra has multiple cup sizes built into each size.  This means as your bust and rib cage expands the bra will expand with you.  A seamless bra purchased early on in pregnancy can also be worn post birth.

It is our recommendation that you buy three seamless bras during the early stages of pregnancy.  This way you can wear one; have one in the wash and one in the draw.

Trust us when we say these bras will fast become your favourite go to bra.